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The First Thing I Baked In My New Kitchen

My Donut Jar Last month I purchased my first home and moved in two days after closing. I’m super geeked to be considered a homeowner and of course I couldn’t let my first weekend in the house go by without preparing something in my brand new kitchen… I was exhausted and couldn’t muster up the energy to whip up a full meal, but I was dying to try out the mini donut maker my boyfriend got me for my birthday. It looks just like this one (mine was also from amazon)… After browsing Pinterest and coming across this recipe for mini donuts using cake batter I had to have this mini donut maker. It looked so easy and like a ton of fun. Thankfully I was right! We all know Pinterest projects are hit or miss, but this one is a guaranteed winner. I’m proof! Look at my jar with all those pretty little chocolate donuts we dipped in homemade glaze. Ah! My heart melts. It was such a relaxing experience after a chaotic weekend full of moving. I couldn’t look at another box to unpack so instead I turned on some music and got to baking with my man. I’m not really sure why I’m writing about donuts. Many of you are probably like, really Ashley? I’m supposed to be blogging about being organized, etc. But I’m pooped. All this moving and new job stuff has me flat out exhausted. Ya feel me? As I transition into my new role at an elementary school I’ve put my newsletters and social media activity on hold. I feel like I’m getting back into alignment with my destiny (yup, let me get deep for a moment) and I want to take you all on the journey with me. Once I’m ready to reveal more of my purpose in this next season of my time here on earth I’ll let you know. In the mean time, go make some donuts 🙂 ♥ashleygscott

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